10 things to know if you are planning to visit Paris


When you sleep in Paris, you learn the way to measure sort of a Parisian. There area unit bound stuff you learn to try to to and stuff you learn to not do. however all of those ‘rules’ apply not solely to locals however to guestssimilarly. that the next time you visit Paris, keep these ten things in mind:

  1. 1. Don’t gamble or purchasesomethingon the streets I typicallysee individuals gambling on bound traveler streets, particularly the miscroscopic cups game. this can be a scam to steal cash from you. I do know it sounds like fun and harmless enough however there are literally some individuals operating along to form you suspect it’s Avoid enjoying these games; you’llsimply lose your money!
  2. Don’t butt out on the roadIf you’rea smoker, don’t throw your smoke on the streets. a brand new law passed recently to stop individuals from throwing their smoke butts on the streets. Throw them within the trash. Otherwise, if a cop sees you, you’ll ought to pay a fine of 68€. That’s a awfully valuable cigarette!
  3. 3. Avoid restaurants in terriblytouristedspots Restaurants in very touristed places aren’t sometimes the most effective. Trust travel guides to steer you to nice restaurants that area unit off the overwhelmed Restaurants round the Eiffel Tower, the Arc Diamond State Triomphe or Notre-Dame could seem like typical French restaurants however you’ll pay plenty of cash for a mediocre meal.
  4. Don’t purchasecroissants or bread in huge chain stores you recognize U.S.A. nation and our bread! Trust U.S.A., though. we have a tendency to don’t purchase our bread in huge chain stores or supermarkets. we have a tendency to purchase our baguettes and croissants in nativepatisseries and boulangeries. And here’s a trick to assist you establish if what you’re shopping for is absolutelycreated right within the bakery: If it says ‘artisan boulanger’ on the front window, the products area unit createdrecent within, not frozen!
  5. 5. Stand right we have a tendency toParisians tend to be a trifle impatient and lots offolks need to steer quick, thus we’ve got this rule to square on your right once you’re on escalators to permitindividuals to climb them quickly on your left.
  6. Avoid valuablerooftops If you’re searching fora killer read of Paris, avoid valuable rooftops and instead, attempt to notice hidden gems, just like the Printemps Terrace wherever you have got a 360 read for free of charge or the George Pompidou Terrace. search for less costly however higherviews like at the highest of the Arc Diamond State Triomphe, however avoid mounting up the Eiffel Tower. It’s terribly touristed and somewhat unsatisfying as we have a tendency to all need to visualize the Eiffel Tower in an exceedingly skyline read of Paris!
  7. 7. Avoid fancy cafés Avoid fancy cafés whereveryou pay approachan excessive amount of for your cup of occasional. Instead, capture very little cafés in less touristed You’ll pay approach less and therefore the occasional would possibly even be better! And in several cafés, if you look on the counter, you’ll be able to pay simply 1€ for your coffee!
  8. 8. Learn somewords in French Parisians don’t seem to be a minimum of not all of them. appreciate once you create an endeavor to mention just some words in French. similar to after we head to the u. s., we have a tendency to area unit expected to talk English. a straightforward ‘bonjour’ or ‘merci’ shows that you’re making an attempt. and that we very appreciate it!
  9. 9. graspwhat to expect in August If you visit Paris in August, grasp that each one Parisians area unit gone on vacation that the town features a nice atmosphere as a result ofyou’re feeling such as you have it for to yourself. however remember that several retailers and restaurants area unitclosed then. however that’s not essentially a foul issue. It pushes you to steer off the overwhelmed track to search out a eating house that’s open and truly smart.
  10. Walk, walk, walk selectwalking rather thantaking the subway once you will. you may be shocked by the miscroscopic streets, cute retailers and wonderful design you’d miss if you were merely taking the subway.
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