25 Reality About George W. Bush


Among modern presidents, no executive has seen more dramatic shifts in public opinion than former President George W. Bush. After squeaking past former Vice President Al Gore with just 48 percent of the popular vote in 2000, Bush’s approval rating soared to 90 percent following the Sept. 11 attacks. Over the next seven years, public opinion fell dramatically, reaching historic lows in 2008. Since that time, however, America’s opinion has warmed once again. The 43rd president’s favorability stood at around 50 percent in 2015 — essentially, right back where he was around his first day in office.

Bush’s roller coaster of approval ratings tells only part of his presidential story. At InsideGov, we set out to find 25 unique, numbers-based facts about Dubya, many of which you might not know. We’ll count down sobering statistics and amusing trivia, enduring accomplishments and administrative missteps.

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