3-Year-Old Girl Needs Urgent Help for Cancer Therapy


Sunita and Nagaraj were overwhelmed when a baby daughter lit up their small world. However, a few months after her first birthday itself, Kuharika started falling ill very frequently. When she was close to two her illness and pain got so intense that they rushed her to a hospital.

At less than two, the little one was diagnosed with Cancer.

She was diagnosed with a B-cell Acute lymphocytic (lymphoblastic) leukemia (ALL). The type of cancer that starts to effect the B-cells in the blood. If not treated early can result in death. A Bone Marrow Transplant has been recommended at an urgent basis.

The approximate cost of the surgery is 20 lakh.Nagaraj earns a mere 8000 a month, and has already spent 8 lakh on chemotherapy. He is under heavy debt. Having to be in the hospital all day, he has not gone to work for 2 months.

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