Bank employees union asks for additional resources to handle demonetisation

2000 note

The association in a letter to the IBA said that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and government should be approached to allow all government departments, agencies and institutions to exchange the banned Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in addition to banks and post offices.

RBI should also immediately ensure adequate supply of cash in denominations of Rs 100 and new Rs 500 Notes; ATMs should be re-calibrated on a top priority basis and made ready for use within the shortest possible time.

The union also want extra business hours to be implemented where required but the staff should be deployed on shift basis. Where employees/officers are required to work in late hours, arrangements for conveyance, food, etc. should be made and uniform instructions must be sent by the IBA to all banks on payment of overtime wages/compensation amount.

AIBEA said for the work done in the last few days, instructions should be given to ensure the payment along with this month’s salary, special care to be taken by Banks while asking lady employees/officers to work in late hours, additional infrastructure like more terminals, etc. to be provided. Separate arrangements to be made to handle senior citizens and additional machines to be provided to branches handling heavy cash to detect fake notes as this problem is aggravated in the current process.

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