Bigg Boss 10, Episode 66, 20 December 2016: Priyanka wrangle with Mona, Nitibha, Lopa


After coming across many unseen file footage, certain major revelations and incidents, the housemates wake up on a joyous note dancing to ‘Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana’ only to find the house turned into a college hostel. While the contestants rack their brains to find out what’s in store for them, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for the week- ‘BB hostel’.

For the task, the house is divided into to two halves- the living area, bedroom and kitchen area is the girls hostel where all the ladies of the house have to reside. On the other hand, the garden area is a gurukul style boys hostel where all the men have to be stationed. Priyanka and Swami Om are given the responsibility to be the khadoos wardens of the girls and boys hostel respectively. The contestants have to play in jodis as boyfriends and girlfriends and exchange love letter by tricking their respective wardens. The winning jodi will become the contender for captaincy.

Earlier, Manu and Manveer have an argument with Om, who had favoured Bani when the former two told Bani that nobody uttered a word when she got cosy with the wild card entrant Jason Shah, whereas she (Bani) had cast aspersions on Manveer and Mona’s character even as they were friends for about two months.

As soon as the buzzer rings, Priyanka and Om get into the character of strict and authoritative wardens for the luxury budget task and barges into the house to stop the jodis from exchanging letters. However, Om hits a new low as he undertakes aggressive and destructive measures to perform the task and gives the contestants a hard time. After he finds Lopa and Rohan writing and hiding letters locked inside the washroom, he calls for them and starts banging the door. Om’s act reaches a point where the washroom door breaks open and Bigg Boss has to interfere to stop Om from destroying the property further.

Bigg Boss asks all the housemates including Om and Rohan to gather in the living area immediately and pulls them up for creating nuisance out of a simple and entertaining task. Bigg Boss says that the contestants haven’t understood the game, that it has to be entertaining and not convert a simple task into a battle ground. He reprimands everyone for not understanding the task and for making it catastrophic. Bigg Boss asks everyone to get their act together and perform the task with discipline.

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