Chikungunya can affect your eyes too, says expert

For the past two months Delhi NCR has been riding the tsunami of two most distressing disease outbreaks- Chikungunya and Dengue fever.

By now every must be aware that Chikungunya is caused by a virus which harbors in ‘Aedes’ mosquito which essentially breeds in artificial containers with fresh water such as cooler tanks, flower vases, water tanks and others and bites during the day.

Our body responds in two ways. In the initial acute phase, we usually see high grade fever with chills, myalgia, arthralgia, vomiting, malaise and skin rash. Multiple small and medium joints may show painful swelling as in fingers, wrist, ankle, knee, shoulder and low back.

In chronic phase i.e more than three weeks, joint pains are more pronounced due to immune mediated response.

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