How to connect mobile internet on a computer


Connect via Bluetooth

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone to pair the device with your computer

Step 2: Open Control Panel on your computer > Click on Hardware and sound > Click on Devices and printers > Right-click on the icon that represents your smartphone > Click on Connect using > and then Click on Access point.

If successful, you will receive a notification on your smartphone that says a Bluetooth connection has been established.

Connect via WiFi Hotspot

Step 1: From your smartphone, tap Settings > from Wireless & networks section, click on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step 2: On your computer, turn on the wireless networking and perform a scan to find your smartphone. When you attempt to connect to your devices you will be prompted to enter a passcode on your computer. The passcode will be displayed on your smartphone. Once you have connected the devices you will be able to surf the internet on your laptop.

Connect via​ USB

Step 1: Connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2: From your smartphone, tap Settings > While in the Wireless & networks section tap portable hotspot < Tap USB tethering. You will see a notification on your smartphone when connected.

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