Delhi University Afraid of Ragging?

Delhi University Afraid of Ragging?

From today, theA�DelhiA�Universitya��sA�academic termA�for allA�undergraduateA�courses has started. ToA�unfoldA�awareness on ragging, HansrajA�collegeA�has done a street play. However,A�severalA�freshers avoidA�comingA�to the initial daysA�thanks toconcernA�of ragging. ThereA�areA�cops policingA�round theA�facultiesA�andA�in theA�case ofA�would like,A�they willA�send the team. However,A�we suggestA�students toA�scanA�the followingA�andA�know howA�to guardA�themselvesA�just in caseA�some seniorA�try andA�act oversmart.

If you are being ragged or you feel there is a threat around, file a complaint:
a�� Drop a written complaint in your college complaint box.
a�� Call the National Anti-Ragging helpline number 1800 180 5522.
a�� Call the Joint Control Rooms (North Campus- 27667221; South Campus- 24119832).
a�� Call 100 or inform your nearest PCR van.
a�� Inform the University Information Centre. Numbers- 155215, 27006900 will be available from Monday to Friday or email at,

Ragging is basically a social interaction between seniors and juniors, which may turn ugly at times. There is a sensitive line between healthy and inhuman ragging; if violated, it is termed criminal offence. Even obscene acts and songs are termed ragging.

If a student is caught harassing the junior, it may lead to cancellation of admission to debarring them from appearing in the exam. There are also IPC laws that can lead to imprisonment.A�There are regulations passed by the University Grants Commission in 2009 to curb this menace in the universities.


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