E-Cigarettes Reduce Smoking-Related Deaths cases in India

Electronic-cigarettes, popularly known as e-cigarettes, provide a third line of option to stay away from harmful effects of tobacco, and can significantly reduce the burden of smoking-related deaths in India, a renowned expert on vaping has said.

“The first line option to shield yourself from the toxicity of tobacco products is to quit smoking altogether and the second line of option is to quit with the help of medication,” Konstantinos Farsalinos, from the University of Patras in Greece, told reporters at an event here.

Farsalinos, who is a research fellow at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, is on a visit to India to interact with Indian medical fraternity and government authorities to share his latest findings on how e-cigarettes have helped millions of Europeans to quit smoking.

“Just as medicines offer a harm reduction technique for diseases or helmets provide bikers harm reduction in case of accidents, e-cigarettes adds a harm reduction option for smokers,” said Farsalinos.

He called upon Indian public health officials and anti-tobacco activists to maintain an open-minded and evidence-based approach, and provide proper education to the society concerning these products.

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