Global Wage Report shows India to be among the worst levels of gender wage discrepancy


According to the Global Wage Report 2016-17 released by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), India is among one of the World’s worst gender gaps in wages.The report showed that men earned more than women in similar jobs, with the gap exceeding 30 percent. Women are paid 33% less than men in hourly wages in India.

The report showed that, in India, women represented 63 percent of the lowest paid wage labor while only 15 percent of the highest wage-earners were female.

Not only were women paid less with wide gender gap at bottom level but there were fewer women in highly paid occupations.

Among the major economies, Singapore had among the lowest, at 3 per cent while South Korea fared worse than India, with a gap of 37 per cent.

The report also found that the share of women among wage earners was among the lowest in South Asia. Compared to a global average of 40 per cent, and an Asia-Pacific average of 38 per cent, in South Asia (whose dominant economy is India), only 20 per cent of wage earners were women.

ILO Global Wage Report contributes to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by making comparative data and information on recent wage trends available ILO reportto governments, social partners, academics and the general public.

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