Google’s first Andromeda running laptop is called Pixel 3


Rports that Google was looking to merge Android and Chrome OS into a single unified entity — now said to be internally called the Andromeda — have been going around since October last year. The stand-alone OS has been said to debut sometime in 2017, and a new report now suggests that Andromeda may not launch in isolation, whenever it does, next year. Just like Google uses its Nexus — now, Pixel — phones as vessels to show off its next Android iteration (not this year, though) the Mountain View-based company is secretly working on a laptop, that would be the proverbial vessel for its new OS.

The report however clearly mentions that Google isn’t looking to market the Pixel 3 as a Chromebook, suggesting that Google’s Chrome OS running laptops may be heading towards their end of the road, soon. It is widely known that Google is hard at work to bring Android apps to Chrome OS. That being said, the Pixel 3 is not an instance where it would be a Chromebook capable of running Android apps. “It would be more accurate to say Bison will run Android than Chrome OS, and could finally be Google’s internal commitment to releasing Andromeda,” the report adds.

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