Heart and double lung transplant Successfull in Kochi

A team of surgeons at Lisie Hospital here has successfully performed a combined heart and double lung transplant, a first in the state.The patient -Jenisha Varghese (26) of Kuttambuzha, Ernakulam -was suffering from a rare congenital disease, Eisenmenger’s disease.

The rare multi-organ transplant was performed on January 6. The donor was a 20-year-old youth who was declared brain dead at Lakeshore Hospital here after a road accident. The organs were harvested around 7.45am in a three-hour procedure while the procedure on Jenisha lasted seven hours from 11.30am.

Jenisha had been on the waiting list for organ transplant for over a year. “As her quality of life was badly affected, transplant was the only option. Jenisha got lucky after a year’s wait when we found a young donor,” said cardio vascular and thoracic surgeon Dr Jose Chacko Periappuram. combined heart-lung A transplant is still rare in the country, with only 15 to 20 instances so far.

A 12-member team performed the transplant and Jenisha is stable now. She has been moved from the ICU and a biopsy of the lung would be taken this week to determine the future course of treatment.

“My daughter had just finished her class X exams when she complained of breathlessness. Doctors said she had three holes in her heart and we had been visiting various hospitals since then for a solution.She could barely breathe or walk,” Jenisha’s mother Nirmala said.

Cardiologist Dr Rony Mathew, who was also part of the medical team, said oxygenated blood got mixed with deoxygenated blood and it went to the lungs, resulting in thickening of lung vessels.”Subsequently, no blood goes to the patient’s lungs, due to which the entire body will have deoxygenated blood. Survival for such patients in 15-20%

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