Kapil Sharma’s Heart Touching Success Story!

Kapil has proved that despite not being born into a celebrity family, he created his own destiny and chased his dreams to be what he is today.

With Kapil being the most expensive comedian-actor on the television, we bring success journey of Kapil Sharma from nobody to celebrated comedian of the industry.
To earn his pocket money, Kapil did part time job at a phone booth after class 10th and his real struggle started since then.Kapil started his career from theatre and also did comedy plays without taking money and those days of struggle have made him better and the most celebrated star. He struggled for almost 10 years in the theatre field. During this time he lost his father due to cancer and had to take financial responsibilities of his family. The stand-up comedian got his first television break on TV for a show, “Hasde Hasande Ravo”, in a Punjabi channel MH-1 in 2005 at the age of 24 years.

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