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If you’re reading this, it probably means you are among the millions of Indians currently struggling to find cash. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s crackdown on black money has inconvenienced many, what with most ATMs being out of service since the announcement and huge queues at banks to withdraw cash. ATM hopping can be a recipe for constant disappointment and to avoid that, you can use the Internet.

Three main hashtags are being used on Facebook and Twitter – #WorkingATMs, #ATMsWithCash, and #ATMsNearYou. We checked all these hashtags on both websites and found a fair share of legitimate reports, based on replies to tweets or posts on Facebook. It goes without saying that you should verify these claims before heading to the ATM mentioned.

Another alternative is to use crowdsourced websites such as ATM Search to check if there’s any cash in ATMs near you. The website wasn’t working very well when we checked it, probably because of heavy traffic, but you can always try your luck to see if it works. Once again we’d warn against trusting any of this data without verifying it. Always ask around before you head to a remote location just for an ATM.

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