Nitish Kumar introduces new law to ban liquor in Bihar

NEW DELHI: Days after the Patna high court struck down+ Bihar’s prohibition law, chief minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday introduced a more stringent Prohibition and Excise Act to keep Bihar dry.
“Now people are not wasting money on alcohol like before, that money is being used in better ways and financial situation is improving,” CM Nitish Kumar+ said at a press conference in Patna.

“The Bihar Excise & Prohibition Act, 2016 will come into force from October 2 and total liquor ban will continue in Bihar. The high court order was related to the old Act that came into force in April this year,” the chief minister explained.
The strictness of the new law+ can be gauged from the fact that all Sections in the new Act are non-bailable, in which bail can be granted by courts only, and not from the police stations. Only special courts under the Bihar Special Courts Act will try cases related to the violation of the Bihar Prohibition law. These special courts, till now, had been trying only corruption cases and CBI related cases.

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