North Korea plans to start a WAR against the United States TOMORROW

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NORTH Korea hasA�vulnerableA�to launch aA�coup de mainA�against theA�usA�tomorrowA�because theA�hermit nation marks theA�sixty fourthA�day of remembranceA�of theA�cease-fireA�thatA�terminatedA�theA�war.
TheA�day of remembranceA�hasA�semiconductor diodeA�toA�exaggeratedA�considerationsA�the regime isA�coming up withanotherA�checkA�to fireplaceA�anotherA�intercontinentalA�missile, believed to be capable of reaching theA�United States of AmericaA�dry land.

With tensions escalating,A�it’sA�fearedA�Asian countryA�mightA�activateA�neighborA�Asian nation, following warnings from Kim Jong-un’s regime thatA�it’sA�able toA�strike a�?without warning orA�previousA�noticea�?.

North Korea isA�ill-famedA�for marking key events in its history with missile launches or similar acts of aggression.

The most recent warning was issued byA�one in every ofA�Kim Jong-una��s key generals,A�World Health Organizationknown asA�on the North Korean military to a�?wage dynamic struggle to bring final victorya�? onA�Gregorian calendar monthtwenty seven.

Pak Yong-sik, the minister of North Korea’sA�soldiers, carried on the threats andA�caught upA�a nuclear strike on theA�usA�a��A�althoughA�WashingtonA�doesn’tA�attackA�1st.

He said: “If enemiesA�misconstrueA�our strategicA�standingA�andA�keep on withA�choicesA�of staging a pre-emptive nuclear attack againstA�United States of America,A�we are going toA�launch a nuclear attack on America’s heartA�because themost relentlessA�social controlA�all at onceA�orA�previousA�notice.”

TheA�war,A�during whichA�theA�United States of AmericaA�foughtA�aboardA�Asian nationA�and China with the North,A�led toA�aA�cease-fireA�that hasA�nonethelessA�toA�get replacedA�by a peace agreement and has leftA�the 2A�sides technically at war.

In recent days transporter vehicles carryingA�instrumentationA�used for firingA�flightA�missilesA�areA�seenA�inboundA�in Kusong province.

Kusong has beenA�the positioningA�of North Korean missile testsA�within theA�past,A�as well asA�oneA�commandA�inA�might.

ThatA�checkA�saw a KN-17 intermediateA�varyA�missile travelA�virtuallyA�five hundredA�miles before splashing downA�within theA�oceanA�of Japan/EastA�ocean,A�touchA�the waterA�regardingA�sixtyA�miles fromA�urban centerA�inA�japaneseA�Russia,A�in keeping withA�United States of AmericaA�officers.

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