Note ban not against black money, it’s economic looting: Rahul Gandhi in Almora

Mehasana:  Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting in Mehsana on Wednesday. PTI Photo   (PTI12_21_2016_000182B)

Calling it an attack on the poor and innocent, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Friday termed the demonetisation move an ‘economic robbery’. Gandhi was addressing a public rally in Almora, Uttarakhand at the University Campus college ground. He also reiterated statements he made at a rally in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday where he said PM Modi had made people stand in queues and then mocked them by saying that those standing in queues are thieves. “Notebandi ek aarthik dacaiti hai (Demonetisation is an economic robbery). PM Modi has made
the 99 per cent innocent people his target,” Gandhi said addressing the public at the rally.
He went on to say that black money is not in the hands of farmers and labourers and that it was with those whom PM Modi ‘supports’. “Black money is not in the pockets of the farmers, labourers but with those 50 families that you (PM Modi) support,” Gandhi said. He also said that “not all cash is black money, all black money is not cash”.
The Congress leader further said the Congress party wants to remove corruption from India, adding that the Opposition in Parliament weren’t allowed to condole those who lost their lives after the demonetisation decision.
He went on to say that the demonetisation move was a way to draw money from the poor and innocent and help the corrupt and that it was no surgical strike. “You have done firebombing, not surgical strike with the demonetisation step. The aim is to draw money from the innocents and help the corrupt,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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