Opera Max VIP Mode Offers UnlkimitedVPN Access With Lock Screen Ads on Charging Screen


The Opera Max data manager app has been updated with a new VIP mode that gives users unlimited VPN use in exchange of ads on the lockscreen while charging. Even though users could use VPN earlier, they had to re-enable it every 12 hours, which could sometimes end up frustrating users.

Even though there is no requirement of re-enabling VPN every 12 hours in VIP mode, in order to keep the app up and running, the ads will show up over users’ lockscreen when the phone is on charging. As the ads from Opera Max only show up when the phone is on charging, some users might prefer this setting over the one that requires them to re-enable the VPN in 12 hours.

“We listened to your feedback and understood that some of you want to have an option to continuously use data saving and privacy features without any limits. Opera Max savings and privacy services are free but time limited. As you may know, running a cloud service for all of your app data, and compressing and encrypting it requires a lot of servers,” the company said in its blog post.

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