Christmas and New Year Party Celebrations


The day following a party is often marked by headaches and stomach pain. Acetaminophen and vitamin-C-packed lemon juice (taken on an empty stomach), are important allies in the fight against an unpleasant morning after. Deployed in tandem, they can relieve migraines and help purify the body by expelling toxins and burning fat.

Drinking lots of water with high levels of minerals and bicarbonates will forestall hangovers and counterbalance the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Green tea, and thyme, artichoke, fennel, black radish and mint infusions help cleanse the liver, while ginger, cumin and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in the wake of excessive consumption of fat and sugar.

No need to starve between parties. Eat plenty of green vegetables for fiber, poultry and fish for lean proteins and drink plenty of broth. At the same time, avoid coffee, sugar, alcohol, and fat, and yes, that may mean foregoing leftovers from holiday dinners.

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