PM Modi keen to hit back after Uri attack


Going by the several rounds of meetings that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding with designated group of officers — civil, intelligence and military — it appears as though he is working on a multipronged strategic option to hurt Pakistan. A day after chairing a meeting to review the Indus Waters Treaty, it was announced that he will be holding a meeting on 29 September to review the ‘Most Favoured Nation’ (MFN) status given to Pakistan.
It indicates that he is not looking at a knee jerk military response but is weighing all possible options, assessing his own capabilities, weighing them carefully so that the cost of escalation on the Indian side can be minimised, yet the action is effective.

No one can be sure of the timeline of the action proposed, if any, but it looks as though the government is evolving a tiered strategic action plan that will be unveiled one after another in due course.

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