PM Modi will meet his disaster post demonetisation failure: Lalu Prasad


Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav on Thursday asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet his debacle after the failure of demonetisation, and said that his government would also collapse as the decision to ban high value currency notes is a “total flop show”.

Lalu told ANI that when demonetisation would fail, there would be a big movement against the Central Government.

“Nobody is going to believe whatever explanation he (Prime Minister Modi) gives. Demonetisation is a total flop show and he should remember each sentence of his speech in Goa regarding the note ban and should be ready to face any kind repercussion,” he said.

The RJD chief asserted that the nation would not believe in any justification given by the Prime Minister over the demonetisation as the common people are suffering very badly.

“After the remaining days, the Centre should disclose all the details related to note ban. What kind of dirt has been cleaned? Only people have been killed in this process,” he added.

Silencing his critics, Prime Minister Modi in an apparent reference to those questioning his government’s demonetisation drive said that he never imagined politicians would “stand with the corrupt”.

“The commotion created in Parliament is like the ‘cover fire’ that Pakistan uses to ensure terrorists infiltrate into India. Similarly, the ruckus in Parliament lets cheats get away,” he said while referring to Parliament’s just-concluded Winter Session.

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