Smoking: Five ways it damage your health!


We all know that smoking is not good for health, but still most people are addicted to it and find it hard to quit. Tobacco use is the single largest cause of preventable death globally.

Nicotine in tobacco also makes it hard for people, especially smokers to give up. The prolonged use of tobacco increases the risk of developing various health problems.

Here are some of the most gruesome diseases caused by smoking and other tobacco products:


Because of smoking, the risk of developing diabetes is greater as tobacco use increase blood sugar levels and lead to insulin resistance. Smoking can be even more hazardous for people with diabetes as it increases the risk of complications including heart disease, kidney damage, blindness, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve damage.


Smoking causes greater risk of cancer and can lead to different types of the deadly disease with th emost prominent one being lung cancer.

Cardiovascular diseases

Smoking also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases heart, stroke and blood vessel disease. It is said that smoking causes 1 of every 3 deaths from CVD.


Woman should avoid smoking as it reduces the chance of getting pregnant. Smoking during pregnancy have a higher risk of complications such as bleeding, abortion, miscarriage, premature delivery of baby, stillbirth, abnormalities of the placenta.

Children whose mothers smoke while pregnant or who are exposed to secondhand smoke after birth develop weaker lungs.

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