Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Review


STORY:A�it has beenA�a momentA�since Captain America:A�civil war,A�whereverA�anA�ecstaticA�and starstruckA�teenA�Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) rubbed shoulders with the mighty Avengers. Months later, Peter yearns for the heroicA�experienceA�once again.A�butA�mentor Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) advises himA�to goA�backA�to schoolA�andA�with patienceA�wait forA�his moment of glory,A�onceA�heA�willA�assist the Avengers.

REVIEW:A�However, patience is certainly not the boya��s virtue. Desperate to earn a sensational ‘job offer’ from Stark, the trainee masked crusader curbs petty robberies and scouts for a crime worthy enough to fight. He soon runs into a�?Vulturea�� (Michael Keaton), a man who poses real threat to lives. Can Spider-boy take him down?

Jon Watts starts his film with a clean slate. Unlike the previous outings, his Spider-Man reboot doesna��t necessarily have the aura of a superhero epic. He gives it a quirky campus-caper twist, which evokes mixed views initially. His Peter is solely focussed on being an A list (Avengers like) superhero. There are no sob stories of Uncle Ben or Aunt May either. May in fact, is a hottie (Marisa Tomei)! Once you warm up to Wattsa�� vision, this Spidey film, replete with humour and thrilling stunt scenes, grows on you and tugs at your heartstrings eventually.

What also works is Hollanda��s effortless earnestness. The British actor is no looker unlike a Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield, nor does he carry their charactera��s emotional turmoil or bewilderment. But that makes him the most relatable Spider-Man, till date. You feel his need to prove himself to Stark; heartbreak, when that dream falters and him discovering himself at the end of it all.

Other than Robert Downeya��s recurring special appearances (even at an Indian wedding), it is Michael Keatona��s formidable screen presence as the anti-hero, that holds the film together, when Parkera��s goofing around gets a tad tiresome.

Spider-Man: Homecoming breathes new life into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as well as the friendly neighbourhood superhero that was forever torn between love and responsibility.

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