Surgical strikes: Manohar Parrikar compare indian army to hanuman

DEHRADUN: In his first remarks after the cross Line of Control(LoC) anti-terror strike+ , defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday compared Pakistan’s condition to an “anesthetized patient” after a surgery and said like Hanuman Indian Army has recognized its prowess.

“Pakistan’s condition after the surgical strikes+ is like that of an anesthetized patient after a surgery who doesn’t know that the surgery has already been performed on him. Even two days after the surgical strikes, Pakistan+ has no idea what has happened,” Parrikar said.
India loves peace and does not believe in unprovoked aggression but it won’t take terror lying down, he said, adding that the strikes+ were also meant to give a message to Pakistan that Indian troops knew how to retaliate.
Comparing the Army+ to Hanuman, he made a reference to the Ramayana in which Hanuman crossed an ocean in a single stride after he was reminded about his extraordinary powers by Jamwant.

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