Utopian people may live longer after a heart attack


People who expect good things to happen in the future are more likely than less-optimistic peers to survive the decades following a first heart attack, a study in Israel suggests.

The results don’t prove that optimism extends life, but doctors should nevertheless consider including optimism training in patients’ rehabilitation after heart attacks, the study team writes in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

“It is important to note that optimism is not simply a rosy glow over the world; in contrast, optimists are more likely to acknowledge risks and plan how to cope with them.

Optimists may also have less inflammation in their bodies, a condition that can negatively affect heart health, he noted.

To examine the link between optimism and heart attack patients’ survival, researchers studied 664 people who were under age 65 in 1992 and 1993 when they had their first heart attacks

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