Women don’t get the opportunity to be fearless much: Priyanka Chopra


A couple of days ago, Priyanka Chopra returned to India from the US. The actor, who is soon going to make her much-awaited Hollywood debut in Baywatch, will be seen playing an antagonist. Apart from getting accolades by audiences and the media in the US, the actor recently also bagged a global icon award on the home turf. Excerpts from the interview:

Have you seen an attitudinal shift in people, now that you’re a global star?
I don’t like to pay attention to that, because I don’t think that way. I am not part of this profession for the fame. Fame is incidental. To me, it is more about the satisfaction of being able to achieve and being successful. I want to be able to leave behind a legacy for being an achiever and a girl. Women don’t get the opportunity to be fearless often. We always have to end up being dependent on men, in a lot of ways, because we live in a male-dominated world. My parents raised me differently. They raised me as an opinionated girl, and equally, like my brother (Siddharth Chopra). I pay attention to the next thing that I am going to do or achieve. I don’t like to sit back and revel in what I have just achieved, because ho gaya na abhi

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